The Marketing News of the Week

Africa: Facebook launches campaign #FBSuccessStory:
The American giant Facebook has just announced the launch of its #FBSuccessStory campaign, aimed at highlighting Nigerian entrepreneurs using its social network Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to develop their business. The six-week campaign will feature the adventures of six entrepreneurs, the challenges they met, how they connected with their audience and the strategies that made them successful. From November 18 to December 21, 2020, #FBSuccessStory will be broadcast exclusively on BellaNaija and The Guardian TV as a special series featuring Nigerians who have each succeeded in making an impact in their different fields thanks to the Facebook product and service offering.

L'Oréal launches "virtual make-up" for videoconferencing meetings:
If you would like to have your makeup touch-up done, L'Oréal's new offer may be of interest to you. The cosmetics company has unveiled "Signature Face," the very first virtual make-up line available only online on Zoom, Teams, but also on Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat, Google Hangouts or Skype. An exclusively digital tool, which allows users to try on different beauty make-up options before starting a videoconference meeting. This new line imagined by the global beauty director of L'Oréal Paris, Val Garland, is composed of 3 collections and 10 styles ranging from lipstick to mascara or shadows to give color to the eyes.

Samsung hijacks Apple's slogans:
The war between Samsung and Apple continues its course in early November. To promote the release of its Galaxy Z Fold 2, the smartphone giant Samsung had fun to hijack the cult slogans of its rival Apple: "Think Different" and "One more thing." As reported by Sam Mobile, Samsung deployed a new advertising campaign for its latest folding smartphone in the Netherlands by hijacking Apple's slogans. The campaign is broadcast on Dutch TV and also includes two posters. It can be confirmed that the South Korean firm knows how to be original when it comes to mocking its Californian competitor. Indeed, this advertising campaign aims to encourage consumers to buy the foldable at more than 2,000 euros, in addition to launching a small tackle on its historical opponent. It features a street artist replacing the words of Apple's slogans with others, with an image of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. We then see the "Think Different" become "Think Bigger" and the "One More Thing..." become "One More Screen" with a red bomb, so that the difference is noticeable. Samsung advertises its foldable with the words "Think Bigger" and "One More Screen."

KITEA celebrates all the differences with a new communication campaign:
For more than a quarter of a century, KITEA has been making furniture and decoration its profession, and celebrates with this mission all the differences and influences. Faced with the unprecedented situation we are going through, KITEA once again expresses its commitment to Moroccans, and launches its annual sales campaign under the theme, all different, all Moroccan. An ode to diversity that invites to let the uniqueness of each one blossom. But also a campaign rich in colors and references that brings together and resonates as a manifesto for the joy of living, to embellish his interior, his daily life in this post-confinement period.