The Marketing News of the Week


No. 1: Chanel announces beauty line that links naturalness and sustainability:

Luxury brand Chanel has unveiled a new beauty line that combines sustainably sourced formulations with more earth-friendly packaging. Named N°1, this new beauty line includes products that include up to 97% naturally sourced ingredients (according to the ISO 16128 standard), including up to 76% camellia derivatives: petals, seeds, and yeast are used to keep everything from the plant. Through this new line, the French house is also engaged in eco-responsible packaging. A sleek design has decreased the weight of jars and bottles by an average of 30% across the line and up to 50% for the glass jar of the Revitalizing Cream. Use of recyclable materials has been favored: 80% of the products in the range are made of glass. The jar of the cream is rechargeable. The use of plastics has been limited, with priority given to single-use plastics. Cellophane and paper booklets have been removed, replaced by a QR code. The inks of the decorations on glass are all organic. The inks on the caps have been replaced by the use of etching in the manufacturing molds.

On Spotify, advertisements will get impossible to avoid:

Spotify has just unveiled a new feature that delivers "call-to-action cards" in conjunction with advertisements. Last year, the music stream giant launched a number of new features, including podcasts. Now, Spotify intends to focus on interactivity. In a statement, it describes, for example, how it has set up tools to make it easier for creators to interact with their audience via video podcasts, Q&As and polls. The platform also released features for listeners to merge their musical tastes with those of their friends in a shared playlist. It lastly introduced its voice-activated in-app experience, "Hey Spotify." However, it now intends to go further in terms of advertising. Call-to-Action Cards The app now brings "interactivity to the audio advertising experience," which is not expected to be to the liking of people who don't like advertising. Spotify describes how when users hear an ad that notifies them of a special sale or a 25% off offer from a brand, they are often forced to remember a promotional code or URL, or make a mental note to look for the offer when they get back to their smartphone or computer.

Aswak Assalam launches an innovative mobile application that combines e-commerce with online shopping:

Aswak Assalam is speeding up its phygital strategy by launching an intuitive and comprehensive application that both dematerializes its loyalty program and supports the development of its e-commerce and drive services. Available on Google Play and Apple Store, the Aswak Assalam mobile application is aimed at building customer loyalty and making shopping easier. The new Aswak Assalam application reflects a commitment to meeting the expectations of increasingly connected consumers. This is part of the company's omnichannel strategy to ensure complementarity between physical stores and online commerce. The application is therefore surfing on the proximity with its customers. Besides access to 15 departments and 6,000 references (market, fresh produce, groceries, accessories, household linen, toys, household appliances, etc.), customers will be able to create a shopping list and save it, choose a delivery time, a payment method and have it delivered (Aswak Delivery) or pick up their shopping in store (Aswak Drive). Aswak Assalam has also included its loyalty program in the application and offers its loyalty card holders several features. In real time, they will be able to keep track of their customer account, consult their loyalty points and the history of their purchases. Thanks to the app, loyal customers will benefit from personalized promotional offers based on their consumption habits. Moreover, they will be able to present their loyalty card at the checkout and pay with their dematerialized gift voucher directly via the application.

Inwi supports the national team with a new communication device and exceptional offers for supporters:

Official partner of the national soccer, inwi unfolds a large communication device on the occasion of the participation of the national team in the African Cup which will be held in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6. The operator is also offering generous offers that respond to the needs of fans to fully accompany the national team. Therefore, during the matches of the national team, and on the occasion of each victory of the national team, inwi provides ALL its prepaid and postpaid customers 30 minutes of calls to inwi numbers. To do this, it is sufficient to send "1" to 2022 before the beginning of each match of the national team. Also, inwi recognizes its new customers subscribers to one of the offers wifi f'dar of inwi: Adsl Xtra, fiber optic or box 4G i-dar by initiating a raffle from January 09 to February 06 to win Ultra HD TV. Thanks to its generous offers and services, inwi meets the needs of fans to fully support the national team during this African competition. Through this new campaign, inwi reiterates its support to the national team to carry the colors of Moroccan soccer very high.