The Marketing News of the Week

60% of Moroccans prefer to buy Moroccan products:

According to a new study entitled "Consumption preferences: Moroccan vs. foreign brands" revealed by the Sunergia Group in partnership with the media L'Économiste, 60% of the people surveyed prefer to buy, in general, Moroccan brands and 20% prefer foreign brands. By gender, 60% of the men and 55% of the women interviewed stated that they prefer Moroccan brands, according to this study. People aged 55 and over prefer to buy Moroccan brands, the study states, adding that this trend is more visible among people in rural areas. In addition, the said study indicates that the inhabitants of the north-east and the south show the highest rates in terms of preference for Moroccan products, with 61% and 64% respectively, while 25% of the inhabitants of the centre prefer foreign brands.

McDonald's Morocco launches its advertising campaign " l'classics b'flow jdid " :

In order to highlight these classic burgers brought up to date, McDonald's Morocco has just announced the launch of its marketing campaign "l'classics b'flow jdid". The idea of the campaign is to draw a parallel between the "Classics" artists of the Moroccan music scene and the classic McDonald's burgers (Royal Cheese, Double Cheese, and the Big Mac). Thus, the brand called upon three legends of the Moroccan New Scene: H-Kayn, Hoba Hoba Spirit and Don Bigg. The latter embody all the messages that the brand's products are supposed to convey, namely: the classic nature of burgers, classic in the sense of being indispensable, unavoidable and part of a history and experience that is written every day, without ever going out of fashion. In terms of the creative and technical production of the commercial, both the products and the songs in the film have been remastered.

GroupM: Global advertising to increase by 8.4% this year:


The global advertising industry is expected to increase by 8.4% this year, despite ongoing geopolitical situations around the world and fears of a recession, according to a new report unveiled by GroupM, a global leader in advertising buying and consulting. This figure excludes the impact of US political advertising, which is on track to reach $13bn in revenue this year, rising from $12bn in 2020. Indeed, the report also forecasts 11.5% growth in advertising revenues from pure-play digital platforms this year, compared with 32% growth last year. Digital advertising on these platforms will account for 67% of total industry revenues by 2022, excluding American political advertising. TV advertising is expected to expand by 4.4% in 2022, according to the same source, driven by ad-supported streaming services such as Pluto, owned by Paramount Global, and Tubi, owned by Fox Corp.

Coca-Cola Morocco launches its Food and Music festival:


Coca-Cola, the world's most famous soft drink brand, has announced the launch of the first edition of its "Food and Music" festival at RUC Rugby to consolidate its presence in the African market. The opening event brought together a number of influencers and celebrities, enjoying a range of live music entertainment including DJ Red Supa, Manal, and Tagne. The public event was also a huge success with the presence of Moroccan singing star Salma Rachid. The famous American brand chose 3 Coca-Cola bottle caps as the ticket to enter. A brilliant idea! It is worth noting that the FOOD AND MUSIC festival will carry on with a tour that will visit the two cities of Agadir and Tangier.