The Marketing News of the Week

Google Play adopts a new logo for its 10th anniversary:

Google Play is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. To mark this event, Google has made some changes to its Google Play logo. It has gone from bright green, yellow, blue and red colors to less vivid ones, in line with the current aesthetics of other services of the company such as Chrome. “We are presenting a new logo that better reflects the magic of Google and reflects the brand image shared by many of our useful products (Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, etc.),” says Tian Lim, Vice President of Google Play. It should be noted that it has been ten years since Google’s official digital distribution service or app store was renamed Google Play to bring together Google’s online stores: apps, music, videos and e-books. It was originally called Android Market. In March 2022, Google decided to remove Play Films and TV from Google Play. A decade later, more than 2.5 billion people in more than 190 countries use Google Play every month to discover apps, games and digital content. And more than 2 million developers are working with us to grow their business and reach people around the world,” adds Tian Lim. On the occasion of Google Play’s 10-year anniversary, Google has planned a Google Play points booster. By activating this booster, you will earn 10 times the points on purchases, including most in-app items. This promotion began on July 25. However, the date varies according to the countries concerned by the rewards programme.

LabelVie Group launches its Bringo by Carrefour e-commerce solution:

In order to simplify the lives of its customers, LabelVie Group, the leader in the multi-format retail sector, has just announced the launch of its own home delivery application called “Bringo By Carrefour” for its Carrefour and Carrefour Market brands. Through this application, the LabelVie Group offers an innovative concept with new functionalities aimed at operational excellence by offering our customers an exceptional and unique experience that humanizes the online shopping journey. Bringo, a partner on a daily basis. Accessible via and downloadable from Google Play and Apple Store, the “Bringo by Carrefour” app is simple to use and has intuitive ergonomics. It offers a range of practical and innovative features: the contact with a Personal Shopper who is your dedicated order preparer, the ability to save favorite products, the option of the shopping cart shared by several users, a recorded shopping history and especially the possibility to add instructions per product specifying your preferences (very wall avocado, well-cooked baguette, etc.) at the time of filling the basket. On the application, customers have access to all the products of their store: food products including Fruits and vegetables, Butcher, Poultry, Fish, Frozen, Cheese and Charcuterie at the cut, Bakery, animal products, as well as hygiene and maintenance products and a selection of non-food products. Customers can contact their own Personal Shopper at any time through the in-app chat to ask them to add or remove products from the cart.

TikTok adds automatic subtitles:

You can now enable or disable subtitles for all Tiktok videos! The social network has just unveiled an important novelty in the subtitles of its videos. TikTok now makes it easier for all users to watch videos with subtitles that are automatically generated. The Chinese social network just announced it in an official note. You should know that this functionality was already present on the social network since last year. But this one had several shortcomings. For example, the closed captioning feature in place required TikTok video creators to enable automatically generated subtitles on their video prior to publishing it. The availability of these subtitles then depended entirely on the fact that the creator of the video did not forget to activate them. If a creator had the misfortune to forget to activate the subtitles, there was no way to add them after publication. The only solution to fix the problem was to delete the publication and start all over again. This system was particularly annoying for deaf and hard of hearing users, who regularly had to ask the platform’s content creators to properly activate the subtitles for each video. TikTok has therefore decided to fix all this by publishing an update that adds the possibility for users to activate the subtitles themselves. For all videos on the platform. Note that TikTok extends this feature to video captions and descriptions, which can also be automatically translated. Automatic subtitles and translations will initially be available in English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish,  and Turkish .

Jumia partners with Bii Maroc to fight food waste:


 Reducing waste and loss contributes to food security, improved food quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced pressure on land and water resources. as supported by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  In this sense, the urgency of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12) to ensure sustainable consumption and halve global food waste per capita by 2030 is crucial. Aware of its major role in the transformations to come and committed to a responsible approach, Jumia, national and African leader in e-commerce and logistics, signed, in April 2022, a partnership with Bii Maroc, a social enterprise that fights against food waste and food insecurity. The walk? Rethinking the food system towards a circular economy system that guarantees sufficient resources, food security and balanced nutrition for all. How? By connecting unsold items with organizations that care for children in vulnerable situations, BII Morocco thus positions itself as a bridge between the company and the beneficiaries. In concrete terms, Jumia provides Bii Maroc with its food surpluses and unsold items. Received, these foods go through a secure and professional value chain for donations to associations that care for children in vulnerable situations.. Zero risk and zero CO2. In 2022, Jumia unveiled its first report on social and environmental governance that lays the groundwork for a sustainable development strategy, committed to sound ethical and environmental standards. Also, the partnership with Bii Maroc was a logical follow-up, an obvious, innovative opportunity, solidarity and sustainable, in total harmony with the culture of our company, responsible and social», says Badr Bouslikhane, CEO Jumia Maroc Bii seeks to provide a market solution to environmental and social problems, proposing an alternative for companies by committing against food waste, while maintaining a legal framework that protects each actor, ensuring that the association does not resell the food received. Our approach allows companies to reduce their costs and gain a positive impact on society. Having Jumia as one of our first customers, gives us the impetus to dream bigger», says Patricia VEGA DEL RIO, co-founder BII.