The Marketing News of the Week

Dior sells a bottle of Johnny Depp's perfume every three seconds:

This represents the first time in the history of the global fragrance market that a male product has taken the top spot in sales. Dior's "Sauvage" is the best-selling fragrance in the world, with a bottle purchased every three seconds. At $160 a bottle, this represents more than $4.5 million in sales per day. A real success for this variation of wild water, created in 1966 by Edmond Roudnitska. It must be stated that Dior has put the means to sell its product: it chose Johnny Depp as muse in 2016. As the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard goes on, the French luxury fashion house Dior continued to feature Depp as the face of the campaign for its men's fragrance. Now we know exactly why Dior stuck with the man.

McDonald's is getting a new Kanye West signature packaging! :

Kanye West has returned to Instagram. The American rapper has just unveiled a photo of his collaboration with McDonald's, almost two months after the suspension of his account for 24 hours on the application following messages deemed "hateful". While he first worked with McDonald's for an ad during the 2022 Super Bowl, Kanye West is reinventing this time - alongside famous Muji designer Naoto Fukasawa - the packaging of his favorite fast food brand. From its transparent packaging to its boxy shape, the design definitely has the Kanye West touch: minimal and understated. It's also a far cry from the traditional design, which sees food enclosed in brightly colored packaging with the McDonald's logo. For now, McDonald's has not yet commented on this collaboration on its Twitter or Instagram accounts. So we hope that this is not just another megalomaniacal rant from Kanye.

MTN keeps its position as Africa's most valuable brand:

With an estimated brand value of $4 billion, MTN has maintained the top spot in the ranking of the world's most valuable African brands according to the annual Brand Finance Africa report. In addition to telecommunications, the African brand has branched out into fintech and mobile money to maintain its competitive edge. Indeed, MTN's Mobile Money (MoMo) application is performing extremely well and has surpassed its competitor, Safaricom's M-Pesa, in terms of volume of financial transactions via the app. With a loyal customer base of 57 million active users, M-Pesa's brand value has risen 32% to $246 million. As a reminder, Brand Finance tests 5,000 of the world's top brands and publishes 100 reports, ranking brands across all industries and countries. The 150 most valuable and strongest African brands are included in the annual Brand Finance Africa 150 ranking. According to the Brand Finance Africa 150 ranking, African brands across a range of sectors, including banking, telecommunications, and food and beverage, have adapted to the world of Covid-19 by using digital tools to manage supply chain issues and country blockages. This digital transformation has enabled Africa's largest brands to achieve an increase of 28% in overall brand value to $50.1 billion .

BMW invents the car that changes color by thinking:

At the last SEMA Show in Las Vegas, BMW caused a sensation by presenting the iX Flow, a concept based on the iX electric SUV that can change color on demand. Today, the brand is going even beyond that with an even more futuristic version that changes the color thanks to the driver's thoughts. This little technological miracle derives from the collaboration between the Bavarian carmaker and Brainboost, a company specializing in neurotechnology. In concrete terms, this start-up has succeeded in developing a system that connects the car's bodywork to a person's brain, using an electroencephalograph that records the brain activity of the connected human. This is enough to match a mood to a color. For the rest, this BMW iX is the same as the one presented in Las Vegas. It is covered with a film containing millions of colored capsules that are stimulated by electrical signals. Except that this time, instead of a kind of remote control, the capsules respond to impulses sent by the electroencephalograph. The car thus shows different color gradations, or even patterns, depending on the brain activity generated by the connected person. An original way that BMW intends to continue exploring! If today, the utility of such a device may sound quite futile, in the future this technology could allow each owner to design a personalized vehicle.