The Marketing News of the Week

Danone launches a new range of dairy products:
Groupe Danone is committed to the fight against iron and vitamin D deficiency in children. Indeed, the company specialized in dairy products has just unveiled its new initiative. It is a range of dairy products fortified with iron and vitamin D intended for children and accessible from MAD 1. "We are pleased today to be able to offer a range of accessible iron and vitamin D fortified products for children that meet the expectations of families, especially mothers, while addressing a major public health issue," said Nathalie Alquier, CEO of Centrale Danone. She added, "Healthy children, well nourished from an early age with essential micro-nutrients such as vitamin D and iron, are sure to contribute to the formation of a generation of healthy children with the best chances of succeeding in school and later in their future."

The Laughing Cow celebrates its 100 years:
Born in 1921, the transgenerational pop-culture icon The Laughing Cow® celebrates its 100th birthday! This is an opportunity to celebrate the power of laughter and its positive impact on our lives. Indeed, the famous brand, present in Morocco since the 1960s, invites us to celebrate laughter throughout 2021. To embody it, it is launching an unprecedented event campaign with Le Rire Médecin, based on a simple idea: convert laughter into donations. The latter will enable the association to finance visits by professional clowns to hospitals to restore the power of laughter to hospitalized children and make them stronger in the face of illness. To enable everyone to take part in this celebration, an event-based advertising film broadcast on various media, in-store events, artistic collaborations and collector packs will restore laughter and red to France! The red cow brand is also launching, from February 15 to April 18, the #1rire1don operation. Each consumer is invited to record his or her laughter via the unrireundon application, by scanning the QR Code of the packaging, or by going on social networks.

#Art-is-ana: Launch of an innovative campaign to encourage Moroccans to consume local handicrafts:
To support the revival of the handicraft sector, the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy and the Maison de l'Artisan announced the launch of a new innovative campaign to encourage Moroccans to consume local handicrafts, called #Art-is-ana. Indeed, this national campaign takes the form of a musical clip directed by the singer Douzi, in a pop-art universe purely Moroccan, which highlights in a universe both authentic and modern Moroccan craftsmanship, including calling on renowned influencers to reach a wide range of Moroccans including young people and encourage them to consume Moroccan handicrafts.

#HADIMACHIBLASSA, the new awareness campaign of Vivo Energy Morocco:
Vivo Energy Maroc, the company in charge of the marketing and distribution of Shell brand fuels and lubricants in Morocco and Butagaz brand Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is continuing the citizen initiative to promote road safety #CODEWAHED through the deployment of a new awareness campaign #HADIMACHIBLASSA. Launched on February 18 on the occasion of the National Road Safety Day in partnership with the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA), this campaign highlights the dangers of inappropriate parking and encourages compliance with the Highway Code for the benefit of all users of public space. "The human factor remains at the origin of about 90% of accidents in Morocco. For this reason, we spare no effort to raise awareness among more citizens and encourage a better culture of road safety. As a corporate citizen, Vivo Energy Morocco continues to mobilize all its public and private partners to expand its global system of awareness and prevention of road hazards," said Ms. Hind Mejjati Alami, Director of Communication of Vivo Energy Morocco. Since 2019, the #CODEWAHED initiative, which encourages the adoption of better behavior on the road, has reached millions of Moroccans, who have been sensitized through a vast web-based system, but also in the media and at service stations. CODEWAHED is supported by the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA).