The Marketing News of the Week

Nivea launches "Human contact is a strength" initiative:
Today, virtual exchanges, the hectic pace of life and the Coronavirus pandemic often keep us apart from each other. This situation increases our sense of loneliness and isolation. To promote human contact, the Nivea skincare brand, part of the German Beiersdorf Group, is launching the #LECONTACTHUMAINESTUNEFORCE initiative. The aim of this action is to remind us of the importance of those simple gestures that bring us closer together and add a touch of humanity to our daily lives. Nivea has therefore decided to make a commitment to three populations in particular: premature babies, the visually impaired and isolated elderly people. The brand will invest 20 million euros between now and 2025. Projects that will be implemented, of course, as soon as health circumstances allow.

Facebook launches awareness campaign in partnership with WHO:
Last month, Facebook announced the largest global campaign to promote authoritative information about Covid-19 vaccines. Significant investments have been made to remove accounts and content that violate Facebook's community standards or advertising policies, reduce the spread of misinformation, and inform people by giving them more context about the posts they see. To continue to give everyone the tools they need to make informed decisions about the information they see online, and following an initial similar campaign rolled out in the summer of 2020, Facebook is launching a new campaign in partnership with WHO and some of its European fact-checking partners called "Together Against Covid-19 Fake News." The campaign will be rolled out across the European Union, including France, as well as in the UK, Iceland, and countries in the Middle East and Africa.

SALAMTI: Roche launches a mobile application to encourage breast self-examination:
In Morocco, breast cancer is a real public health problem. Not only is it the most common cancer in women (36.1%), but it also causes a significant number of deaths due to delayed diagnosis. In order to raise women's awareness of how to take action against breast cancer, Roche Laboratories announce the launch of SALAMTI, a new mobile application to encourage and guide users in regular self-cleansing. This new app can be downloaded free of charge, without any obligation, from the App Store and Google Play. It has been designed in the two languages commonly used in Morocco: a French version and an Arabic version, with a voice-over in Darija, in order to widen its access to all women. Designed to be accessible to all women, SALAMTI offers a step-by-step guide, in the form of a tutorial of animated visuals, indicating the gestures to follow for an effective self-cleansing.

"Jomhourha rass malha:" Raja launches new advertising campaign:
The Moroccan professional soccer club Raja has launched a new advertising campaign of its new "Supporters Card" for the 2020-2021 season. Indeed, this card is intended for fans of the green club, wishing to support their club financially in this difficult period. Through this new commercial, unveiled under the slogan "Jomhourha rass malha" meaning that the fans are the real capital of Raja, we can see several Moroccan celebrities sharing the same affiliation, calling on the Rajaouis to get their crown. "A new sports season has begun with new challenges and new deadlines. Raja has the ambition to win more titles, and for that the team counts once again on the unconditional support of its fans... The fan card is the identity card of the Rajaoui and the sign of his belonging to the club," wrote the Raja Facebook page on the sidelines of this campaign. Finally, supporters of the club can get their card on, or on the official application of the Greens. The price is set at MAD 250.