The Marketing News of the Week

ATMA launches an ad panel that releases scents to test your symptoms:
Today, advertising has a smell. To raise awareness about Covid testing, the household appliances company ATMA has developed an original campaign that plays with scents. In Argentina, the company has placed in a mall a scented digital panel that presents advertisements of the brand with stagings of its products: a toaster, a coffee machine, a juice extractor... Embedded in the panel, a diffuser emits odors related to the advertisement that is displayed, such as the smell of toast, coffee etc.... You understand what this campaign is about. If you don't smell the odors when you pass by the billboard, you may have lost your sense of smell, one of the symptoms of Covid. Each visual is accompanied by the following message: "If you do not smell, please contact this toll-free number (set up by the Ministry of Health in Argentina).

MENA: Sony launches its "Why We Shoot" campaign, celebrating the region's photographers and videographers:
To celebrate the achievements of photographers and videographers in the MENA region, the Japanese multinational company Sony has announced the launch of a new video campaign entitled "Why We Shoot". Available on Alpha Universe, Sony's community platform for imaging professionals, "Why We Shoot" pays tribute to all those who are usually behind the lens of their camera to share inspiring stories. "'Why We Shoot' shares the stories and journeys of innovative and creative photographers, as well as pioneering videographers who have managed to capture iconic footage and push the boundaries of their creativity," the Japanese company said in a statement.

Auto Hall: Launch of the brand "Autocaz" dedicated to used vehicles:
The Moroccan automotive group Auto Hall launched, Monday in Casablanca, its new brand "Autocaz" dedicated to the activity of multi-brand used vehicles. "Autocaz is the result of a long reflection where we put all the expertise Auto Hall in the trade and automotive service, to design a model of used vehicles, reliable and intuitive based on both a physical and digital platform, "said Jamal Eddouhbani, CEO of the group Auto Hall at the launch ceremony of this brand. The Autocaz offer, he explained, is based on several advantages including a warranty of at least 6 months, financing solutions and a wide choice of safe, reliable and certified vehicles.

Orange Maroc launches the "Khatwat Khir" program:
On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the Moroccan operator Orange launches in partnership with its foundation its new program "Khatwat Khir". "Khatwat Khir is an initiative of solidarity and open to all, which allows, with a simple gesture, to make a big step in favor of digital inclusion in our country," explains the Moroccan operator in a statement. To participate, simply go to the site:, and click a maximum of times in 10 seconds. The number of clicks made will be automatically converted by Orange into a donation of data volume, at a rate of 10 MB per click. The operation can be repeated at will. At the end of each week, Orange hopes that millions of gigabytes of data donations will be generated and then preloaded onto thousands of tablets and smartphones, which Orange Maroc employees will distribute to four leading associations, each working for a crucial social cause: L'Association Marocaine Sport et Développement (Marrakech), Marocains Pluriels (Essaouira), Banque Alimentaire (Khenifra), and Chorouq (Casablanca and Rabat).