News: Headlines from the Moroccan Press: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Competition Council: The hidden side of royal reframing:
His Majesty the King knows all about it and follows it very closely. He has just given yet another proof of this in the communiqué issued by the Royal Cabinet on the evening of Tuesday, July 28 about the Competition Council. That is not all. Through this move, the Sovereign is more determined than ever to communicate directly and permanently with public opinion by bringing to its attention and sharing questions and major issues concerning the citizen and his strategic interests. These are the lessons to be learned in terms of communication...

Payment terms of public institutions and companies: The reported average is 40.58 days:
Payment times for public institutions and companies (PSEs) are constantly increasing. At the end of June 2020, the average of the declared payment periods reached 40.58 days, whereas it was around 50.6 days in the same month of the previous year. This is according to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform in its latest communication...