News: Headlines from the Moroccan Press: Saturday, April 11, 2020

Parliament reaffirms its determination to accompany and support the nation's efforts in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic:
In accordance with the constitutional provisions and the rules of procedure, the two Houses of Parliament opened, on Friday, the work of the second session for the legislative year 2019-2020. In a context marked by a state of health emergency, the Legislative Institution begins its spring session by focusing on the measures required by the Government to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic...

Violence against women explodes during lockdown:
The rate of domestic violence against women has increased dramatically during the lockdown. Indeed, thousands of women around the world have found themselves during this period trapped at home with their violent partners. As a result, reports of domestic violence are increasing daily, with a 40% increase in some countries. New victims are reported every day, with women being beaten, disfigured and some even killed by their husbands...

Confinement accentuates the precariousness of people with disabilities:
"I take off all my clothes on the doorstep before I go home. But the most difficult thing is that I can no longer hold my children in my arms." Coronavirus frustrates Mohammed emotionally. Worse, it has put him out of business financially. In order to respect the barrier gestures, he is obliged to restrict contact with his children as much as possible. Because unlike many of us, he doesn't have the possibility of teleworking. The nature of his activity requires him to leave his home every morning to provide for a family that has recently grown, despite the health risks involved, the fear in his stomach...

The CNDH commends the values of solidarity that have marked the fight against the coronavirus:
The President of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), Amina Bouayach, highlighted the values of solidarity, compassion, mutual aid, and altruism that have emerged in the effort to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, as well as "the changes resulting from this unprecedented event on our lives and on humanity, hitherto confident in its fixed models..."