The Pan-African Economy in Brief: Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Rwanda wants to reach $800 million in tourism revenues by 2024:
According to the Director of the Rwandan Tourism Office, Belise Kariza, Rwanda aims to increase its tourism revenues to $800 million by 2024, double the current performance of the sector. Speaking recently on the occasion of World Tourism Day, Belise Kariza explained that important efforts are being made in this direction by the Rwandan authorities. "We are working closely with various partners such as the MasterCard Foundation and the private sector to stimulate job creation through the development of the tourism and hotel sector. The sector is currently creating more than 100,000 jobs in Rwanda," she said. However, the Director pointed out that "the provision of reception facilities such as hotels and accommodation, as well as conference facilities, creates more employment opportunities. However, we realized that there was still a shortage of skilled labour in the sector..."

KTDA will provide $671 million to its tea suppliers in 2018/2019:
The Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) will refund 69.7 billion shillings ($671 million) to its affiliated tea producers for the 2018/2019 season, which ended last June, reports Business Daily Africa. This envelope represents a drop of 18% compared to 2018 and represents the lowest remuneration received by operators in 6 years. According to Lerionka Tiampati, the institution's director general, the low amount is mainly due to the overabundance of the sheet on the world market and the increase in production costs...

Zambia will export 600,000 tonnes of maize and maize flour to the DRC in 2020:
Zambia will export 600,000 tonnes of maize and maize flour to the DRC in 2020 under an agreement signed with the country on October 2, 2009. The information is reported by the Xinhua news agency. By entering into this agreement, the country anticipates a significant enough increase in production next year to allow it to generate a surplus. According to Michael Katambo, Minister of Agriculture, the agreement should contribute to the structuring of grain trade between the two countries...

The EU grants $30 million to finance sustainable development projects:
Senegal will receive €27.5 million ($30 million) in funding for sustainable development projects. To this end, three agreements were signed last week between the two parties. The first agreement is for $21.9 million to support renewable energy projects in rural areas. These will help to promote universal access to electricity in rural areas and generate jobs in disadvantaged areas of Senegal. The second agreement provides $4.3 million in funding to support civil society development projects in the areas of sustainable agriculture, food security and natural resource management...

The construction of the Bini dam in Warak (75 MW) has been stalled since February 2019:
Since the Minister of Water and Energy visited the site of the Bini Dam construction project in Warak (75 MW) in February 2019, no progress has been made on the site. However, Gaston Eloundou Essomba had come that month, after teeth squeaking from the people of the Adamaoua region, to reassure them that this construction site, the only structuring project initiated in the three northern regions of Cameroon, was about to start. Eight months after these assurances, despair has once again taken hold of the people of this part of the country. This is all the more so as they are forced to suffer the unfortunate consequences of the ageing of the Lagdo dam, whose production capacity is often reduced by half because of the silting up of its reservoir...

Burkina Faso:
Mining in Burkina Faso: ORCADE sounds the alarm on the case of Mogtédo:
The status of mining projects in Burkina Faso, according to the Chamber of Mines of Burkina Faso, shows 2 mines under construction, 2 stopped, 2 at the end of operation, 6 approved and finally 9 in production. And the vision of the President of Faso, Roch Marc Christian KABORE, is to make mines and quarries by 2026, "A competitive sub-sector and an important lever for sustainable socio-economic development in Burkina Faso". It is with this in mind that the Organization for Capacity Building for Development (ORCADE) held a public conference on October 3, 2019, to discuss the case of a mine in Burkina Faso, Bomboré, in the commune of Mogtédo...