The Moroccan economy in brief: Thursday, September 13, 2018

Casa Finance City is one of the top 30 financial centres in the world:

A great breakthrough for Casablanca Finance City, which barely a year ago was in 35th position in the ranking to move up to 32nd position in March before reaching 28th, gaining 4 places.  It remains in 3rd place in the Mena region and first in Africa since 2016.  New York led the way ahead of London, Hong Kong, and Singapore in the index. The 2018 edition of this barometer also shows a clear improvement in the ranking of several continental European financial centres, such as Zurich, which moved from 16th to 9th place, and Frankfurt, which rose from 20th to 10th place.

Label'Vie is involved in the "Word Clean Up Day":

Label'Vie reaffirms its commitment to environmental issues.  On September 15, the group will participate in "Word Clean Up Day", the initiative launched ten years ago in Estonia to clean up the planet in one day.  In collaboration with the association "Tous pour Harhoura", Label'Vie will contribute to this global cleaning action by engaging its customers, collaborators and partners. The event will take place at Sid El Abed Beach in Rabat.

The agri-food sector was a major export market in 2017:

Exports of agri-food products reached 53.5 billion dirhams (MMDH) in 2017, according to the report unveiled by the Autonomous Establishment for Export Control and Coordination (EACCE).  Their value increased by 83% between 2010 (29.3 MMDH) and 2017.  For the 2017-2018 campaign, exports of agri-food products reached 2.9 million tonnes, or a 4% growth compared to the 2016-2017 season.  Exports of vegetable products, on the other hand, totalled 1.17 million tonnes in 2017-2018, an increase by 5% compared to the 2016-2017 season and 61% compared to the 2010-2011 season (731,000 tonnes).

The "Women in Business" program is coming to Morocco:


The EBRD's "Women in Business" program will soon be launched in Morocco.  The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has just announced the imminent launch of its program to support women entrepreneurs at a ceremony in Casablanca, in the presence of experts and senior officials who will highlight the main objectives of the program, but will also focus on various issues related to women's entrepreneurship in Morocco.  To roll out this program, which is already in place in 17 countries, the EBRD plans to partner with two Moroccan banks, BMCE Bank of Africa, and BMCI in this case, to design a range of financial products that meet the needs of women-managed SMEs.  In addition to financial support, women entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from tailor-made support, particularly through training and mentoring, with a particular focus on women entrepreneurs based outside major Moroccan economic centres.

Turkish economic operators call for a Moroccan-Turkish partnership in Africa:

Turkish economic operators in Istanbul, on Wednesday, called for the establishment of a Moroccan-Turkish partnership on African financial markets, stressing that Morocco, which has a strong banking sector presence on the continent is able to support Turkey's access to these markets.