The Marketing News of the Week!

An augmented reality ad for Stranger Things in the New York Times:
To promote the release of the new season of the famous American series Stranger Things, the world's leading subscription service provider Netflix has just unveiled, in partnership with the New York Times New York Times, an augmented reality ad. Indeed, this new advertising can be revealed using Google Lens. Just point your phone at one of the three Netflix ads for Starcourt Mall (the famous fictional shopping mall that appears in season 3 of Stranger Things) and bring it to life. We find a certain number of extras with a very "80's" look, evolving in a small clip with a very retro design with its font, logos and frames straight out of another time. Finally, those who want to unlock Stranger Things' latest ads in today's New York Times will need Google Assistant on Android or the Google application on iOS devices.

The PSA Group is launching the "Peugeot Young Talents" competition in Morocco:
To further strengthen the historical ties that unite the Peugeot brand with Moroccans, the PSA Group is now offering them a new challenge: the "Peugeot Young Talents". Officially launched on Thursday, July 11 in Casablanca, the "Peugeot Young Talents" competition aims to stimulate the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity among young Moroccans passionate about the automotive industry and is structured around three main themes: innovation in entrepreneurship "Factory of the future", photography and design. The competition is open to all car and innovation enthusiasts. Registration is done directly on the website or on the Facebook page dedicated to the event. According to PSA Group, the "Factory of the Future" contest begins in July and ends in September. Young people wishing to participate in this challenge will have to submit and propose innovative solutions for improving the productivity of industrial units. The solutions targeted must be oriented towards Industry 4.0. In other words, propose new ways of organizing the plant's means of production. The final objective of this competition is to create an ecosystem of startups specialized in the Moroccan automotive industry.

Mozilla is testing a subscription for an ad-free browsing of Firefox:
A few weeks ago, Mozilla announced the upcoming arrival of a paid version of its Firefox web browser. Today, the group is already starting to test this new subscription formula, set at 4.99 euros/month. It is a paid formula that will allow access to an "ad-free" Firefox, i.e. free of any form of advertising. "We share your payment directly with the sites you read. They make more money, which means they can bring you great content without having to distract you with ads just to keep the lights on," says Mozilla. In addition to the "ad-free" side, the Firefox subscription will also provide access to various premium features, such as an audio version of articles, bookmarks that synchronize on all terminals, recommendations... It should be noted that advertising-free navigation will be provided on the desktop version, as well as on the mobile version. That's not all, since Mozilla will also offer its own VPN service. At the moment, the browser does not give many details, but we know that three prices are listed on the group's website, with offers at $4.99, $9.99 and $12.99 per month.

Limited edition peach Coca-Cola in Morocco :
The American firm Coca-Cola has not finished surprising us. After Japan, the famous soft drink brand has just announced the launch of a new taste on the Moroccan market! Indeed, Coca-Cola Morocco has decided to try its luck by launching a carbonated water-based drink and a sweet peach-based flavor. According to Coca researchers, this new recipe is intended for those who have "a curious and adventurous palate". The Coca-Cola with fishing will therefore be inaugurated in all stores and vending machines in the Kingdom. The bottles will be available in two versions: a 500 ml and a 280 ml version. A treat for fruit drink lovers!