The Marketing News of the Week!

Snapchat launches an instant vertical video ad builder
Snapchat has launched a new "Instant Create" option to make life easier for advertisers. This feature allows you to create simple campaigns with a single adset in just a few clicks. Indeed, the creation of an advertisement with this tool only counts three stages: from the Ads Manager platform of Snapchat, the advertiser chooses first its objective, then enters the URL of its web site, it finally defines the audience targeting as well as its budget and voila. Among the options offered, the most interesting is the goal of "increasing the number of visits to a website". After entering the URL of the site in question, Instant Create directly extracts the photos (of course, it is possible to download and import other photos).

Nestlé invents a chocolate without additional sugar:
The Swiss food giant has developed a technique for manufacturing dark chocolate without added sugar, prepared from the white pulp that covers the cocoa beans. Usually considered as a waste, it gives the chocolate a naturally sweet taste when reduced to powder. By using a cocoa by-product, the company responds to the dual challenge of the environment and health. This new chocolate could contain up to 40% less refined sugar than most equivalent tablets made with additional sugar. With this formula, Nestle will launch KitKat designed with 70% of this new dark chocolate, contain 40% less sugar.

CMI and Mastercard launch campaign to promote card payment:
The Center Monétique Interbancaire (CMI) and Mastercard join forces to promote credit card payment and launch a raffle scheme. Indeed, any payment by Moroccan MasterCard or CMI, in Morocco or abroad and in physical point of sale or on the internet, automatically register the holder of the card to a raffle allowing him to win the reimbursement of tuition fees of his children. The CMI and Mastercard wanted to focus the gains of this raffle on the theme of education, so 100 winners will be drawn to win the reimbursement of expenses related to the schooling of their children, up to 5,000 dirhams . These costs include the payment of school fees for children at school level, purchases in bookstores or stationery, school canteen, school transportation and extracurricular activities (sport and artistic expression). By paying for their card purchases this summer, participants multiply their chances of winning.

Facebook plans to display ads in your conversations:
The US social media giant, Facebook, plans to display ads within your private conversations on Messenger, reveals a patent. According to the schematics, an artificial intelligence could indeed suggest advertisements according to the terms identified in your conversations. For example, if you are discussing eating pizza with a friend, the app might suggest pizzerias around you. These ads would take the form of "plugins" that remind a bit the skills of connected assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. It must be borne in mind, however, that it is only a patent for the moment, an idea in reflection at Facebook, but which could never be developed in a product.

Rebranding: Facebook plans to add its name on WhatsApp and Instagram:
Facebook wants to bet on transparency with its users and be recognized for its success with Instagram and WhatsApp. So far, Whatsapp and Instagram, owned by Facebook, had little connection to Mark Zuckerberg's group in the eyes of the general public. While the image of Facebook is deteriorating, the firm would like to put its mark in the name of its other applications. Instagram, WhatsApp and other major Facebook-owned services are expected to change their name soon. More exactly, their current identity will soon be supplemented by a mention that will indicate without any ambiguity the membership of these platforms to the American social network.