News: Headlines from the Moroccan Press: Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Aujourd’hui  Le Maroc :

Health: The Parliament calls for citizens' contributions:

Is it possible for citizens to lead public health reform? In any case, the Parliament intends to involve them in this gigantic project. In this sense, the thematic working group responsible for legislation on the health system invites citizens and all the bodies concerned to put forward their suggestions for enriching and improving this work, and this can be done via the electronic portal of the Chamber. This invitation was issued following the second meeting of the Thematic Working Group on Healthcare Legislation.

Vision or hoax? :

  In any case he was supposed to get close to it at least. This is what was projected and planned some ten years ago in the famous Vision 2020, which will undoubtedly remain one of the biggest hoaxes in public policy. Even before the arrival of the pandemic, professionals had long since stopped believing in it; the reality of the sector was in total contradiction with what was planned. And with the pandemic, the extreme fragility of Moroccan tourism has been further revealed. Whole sections of the sector, not to say the great majority of operators are on the verge of bankruptcy.


Morocco reaffirms its commitment to the international dynamic for the consecration of human rights, under the far-sighted leadership of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI:

Omar Zniber, the Kingdom's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, emphasized the constant dynamic engaged in Morocco under the far-sighted leadership of H.M. the King Mohammed VI for the consecration of human rights. The Moroccan diplomat, who was speaking on Tuesday on the occasion of the 45th Session of the Human Rights Council, noted in this regard "two important announcements made on the occasion of Throne Day. These are the "ambitious economic recovery plan consisting of the creation of a Strategic Investment Fund of about 120 billion dirhams, equivalent to 11% of GDP, and the generalization of social coverage for the benefit of all Moroccans, over the next five years, starting with compulsory health insurance, and family allowances, as well as access to retirement and job loss compensation". In addition, Mr. Zniber reaffirmed Morocco's strong commitment to the international dynamic for the consecration of human rights in their entirety.

Youssef Amrani highlights the colossal investments made by the state in the southern provinces:

A perfidious idea of the alleged exploitation of natural resources by the Kingdom in the Saharan provinces is more than an error of judgment, it is a blind dogmatism based on ignorance, denial and partiality. In a new video clip, Ambassador Youssef Amrani returns to the fundamentals of a reality that some would like to conceal, distort and disguise in the name of a primary and unfounded adversity to Morocco's territorial integrity.


H.M the King condemns Tangier's heinous criminal act:

A message of condolence and compassion was sent by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI to the family of the child Adnane Bouchouf. His Majesty stated in this message that he had learned with great emotion and deep sorrow the news of the tragedy that has bereaved Adnane's family, that God welcomes him among the martyrs and the virtuous. On this painful occasion, HM the King expresses to the members of the deceased's family and, through them, to all his loved ones, his deepest condolences and sincere compassion following this cruel loss, stressing that their unshakeable faith in God only strengthens their patience in such an ordeal, and that God will amply reward them for it.

The exercise of the right to strike is a law that is trying to slip in the middle of a crisis:

On Wednesday, September 16, the draft organic law n°15.97 relating to the exercise of the right to strike will be presented to the Social Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives. This announcement took trade union centres by surprise, as they expressed their rejection of the way the government wants to pass a controversial bill at a time when Morocco faces an unprecedented health and, consequently, economic and social crisis. "This is unacceptable behaviour on the part of the government, it is opportunistic behaviour.By introducing this bill, the government has shown that it has a mentality that is neither democratic nor participatory," outraged Abdelhamid Fatihi, Secretary General of the Democratic Federation of Labour .